Pillow bra is a bra that fills the cleavage between the breasts, achieving full support, which prevents fallen breasts and the appearance of wrinkles

Sagging Breasts

Slows Down the sagging process

Pillow Bra´s innovative design provides essential support, avoids sideways movements, maintains the bust in its natural position, and eliminates the negative effects of the conventional bra.. Read more

Cleavage wrinkles

Eliminates cleavage wrinkles

The central cushion integrated in Pillow Bra avoids the displacement of the breasts; preventing the weight from stretching the skin of the cleavage area, which is the cause of the formation of wrinkles. Read more

Rest and comfort

Provides rest and relief for breasts

Thanks to its excellent support, Pillow Bra reduces the strain produced by the weight of the breasts, by producing a pleasant sense of comfort, well-being and rest. Read more

Total support

Avoids sudden movements

It´s cosy and wraparound design offers excellent support, avoiding discomfort and the effects of   continuous movement, and from the daily use of non-specialist undergarments. Read more

Inside Pillow Bra

Pillow Bra is composed of an ergonomic foam cushion which fits perfectly between the breasts, filling the natural space within the cleavage area. This central cushion is integrated in to a specially designed bra that is made up of two cups that completely cover the breasts and are free of underwire. Pillow Bra is manufactured with anti-allergic materials and with seams that have been reduced to a minimum to avoid the annoyance and discomfort common in other brassieres. Read more



I was not aware of the existence of Pillow Bra until recently! I found it something exceptional! Not only does it avoid appearance of cleavage wrinkles but it also helps maintain and support breasts… Read more

Amparo Medina Dorado

Why Pillow Bra is son effective

Conventional bra´s for daily use are often manufactured using inadequate materials and designs (large seams, bones, underwire, etc.), which apply excessive pressure to the bust and offer limited support.  In addition to the discomfort which they produce, the uncomfortable   marks that are left, the back and breast pain, conventional bra´s neither prevent the appearance of cleavage wrinkles nor delay the progressive weakening of the bust muscles.

Pillow Bra totally fills the space between the breasts and provides excellent support impeding sudden movements and strains that generate stretching of the skin in the cleavage area, which is the main cause of the wrinkles and progressive sagging breasts. Read more

OEKO-TEX® Certificate

Pillow Bra is certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100


Guarantee that all our fabrics are completely free of chemical substances harmful to health.

Tested product

Pillow Bra has being developed using the most advanced materials testado-engand has applied the most modern manufacturing techniques Prototypes have been tested by women in real-life situations following each modification and improvement.

Recommended uses